etiquetags is a XHTML tags editor, written in Javascript and designed to be used in the editing area of our favorite CMS / blog and also, of course, as on-line editor.

etiquetags is not WYSIWYG but you can visualize easily your text without losing the complete control over the XHTML code.

etiquetags has been successfully tested on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari (win), as well as its full integration into Wordpress publishing platform, DotClear and Drupal.

  • multi-browser
  • Wordpress
  • Dotclear
  • Drupal


  • Free and distributed under the GNU LGPL license.
  • HTML Full-featured.
  • Clean: it generates clean and valid code according to the W3C-XHTML standard.
  • Fast and lightweight.
  • Easy inclusion of attributes and microformats in your links (improved in version 2.0).
  • Automatic construction of lists.
  • It makes very easy to build tables and edit quotes (Only in V.2.0)
  • Fast insertion of footnotes (function already present in JS_Quicktags).
  • Quick and clean insertion of multimedia content.
  • References to several dictionaries.


etiquetags has been written by Marta Garabatos. Its code is based on initial code of JS_Quicktags by Alex King.

Design of the logo and buttons by Ricardo Lago Couce: http://www.kruzul.org.

Icons: celda.png, deshacer.png, desplegar.png, entrada_teclado.png, fila.png, lista_item.png, lista_numerada.png, lista_no_numerada.png, subindice.png, superindice.png, vista_previa.png belong to KDE Icon Theme Crystal SVG 1.0, by Everaldo http://www.everaldo.com

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please visit the Blog and leave your comments.

etiquetags is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

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